enGAGING Project

The Entrepreneurial Education and Training to Support Growth and Business Creation is one of three key areas identified for immediate intervention by the EC Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan.

Entrepreneurship education as currently articulated in policy and practices has the potential to contribute to the building of entrepreneurial mindsets among the young citizens of Europe, to increase the rates of business start-up and survival, as well as to reignite growth and innovation in SMEs, and hence to boost the growth of employment opportunities in the medium term.

enGAGING will support you:

  • Bloom new skills from the gamification theory and the ‘growth hacking’ strategy to business coaches and business developers in order to make them able to assist entrepreneurs in an original way
  • Offer both a more personalized assistance to entrepreneurs, and help them in ‘automating’ the generation of ideas according to the growth hacking strategy

Want to improve your skills and have fun?

Visit the course created by the enGaging partnership! It uses the innovative and colourful technology of BlueRabbit a very powerful tool for anyone interested in creating original courses online.