Work Packages

The enGAGING project consists of the following Work Packages (WPs); the overall project duration is of 24 months (01.10.2015 – 30.09.2017). The project’s work plan is based on 7 WPs aimed at creating a model to be improved for the recognition and the training of professionals entrepreneurial coaches and business developers (“gamehackers”) able to support European start ups and entrepreneurs in general.

WP 1 is related to the general coordination and management of the project and is made up by the Monitoring and Evaluation Plan, the schedule of partners’ meeting, the reporting methodologies to be applied by each partner. It will guarantee the monitoring of the project performance.

WP 2 establishes the overall communication and dissemination strategy that will be implemented by each single partner, while WP 3, 4, 5 and 6 are made up by technical tasks that will guarantee the implementation of different kind of activities in the field of business coaching. Research and analysis in the field of needs and training of entrepreneurial coaches currently used in Europe, with a focus on innovative methods and policies to be adopted in next years, will be carried out in the WP 3.

WP 5 that will be created by project’s partners will establish an innovative training model on the base of gamification and growth hacking principles on the base of an e-learning platform (WP 6) and a face-to-face course (5-days training sessions to be held in Italy) (WP 4).

WP 7 will guarantee the improving and usability in future of the model through the contribution of new interested partners from Europe on the base of an action plan and specific guidelines to be respected and promoted.


Project Management and Implementation

WP Coordinator: ZADRA NOVATiming: from month 1 to 24

This WP focuses on the general coordination of the project and on the mechanisms for ensuring efficient and timely implementation of the work plan, together with a constant monitoring, evaluation and reporting on the project’s progress, consistently with ERASMUS+ rules.


Coordinated image of the project and 2.0 dissemination strategy

WP Coordinator: FVB (THE HIVE)Timing: from 1 to 24

Communication and dissemination activities will start since the project’s onset. A high emphasis will be given to design and upgrade the project web platform, as well as to activate a Community of Practice (CoP) and promote enGAGING actions and results through social media.


Entrepreneurial needs analysis and enGAGING Network

WP Coordinator: NDATiming: from month 2 to 8

WP3 is focused on mapping emerging skills’ needs and the multi-sector innovative competencies, while analysis, studies, common reflection on the concept of strategic skills and/as transversal skills will bring to the identification of key skills-sets for the future of the entrepreneurial coaching sector.


enGAGING pilot course

WP Coordinator: METROPOLITAN CITY OF MILANTiming: from 8 to 15

This WP will provide strategic orientations and practical tools to fit with the emerging sets of “hard” and “soft” skills required for innovative Business Strategists/Game-hackers.


Definition of the enGAGING model

WP Coordinator: BICEROTiming: from month 4 to 24

In order to stimulate a supply of quality digital contents including OER, partners will boost synergies for innovative teaching and learning practices through the implementation of a summer school and innovative entrepreneurial learning capsules.


GAG Platform

WP Coordinator: SPITiming: from 4 to 24

The WP6 will bring to create a virtual Learning Hub for e-learning training based on gamification principles.


Sustainability of the project

WP Coordinator: ZADRA NOVATiming: from month 20 to 24

In order to guarantee the sustainability of the project’s results, the established partners’ consortium will transform to steering committee for a developed training.