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Zadra Nova

The Zadar County Development Agency ZADRA NOVA (Applicant Organisation) is a key actor of the regional development for Zadar County, with a long-term experience in preparing and implementing several projects supported by EU and national funds. Established by the City of Zadar and County of Zadar, this public institution provides supporting programmes for different segments of social and economic communities in the county; moreover it manages a large number of activities aimed at reinforcing human capital of businesses, local public administration, educational institutions and various associations. ZADRA NOVA regularly conducts business supporting and education programs focused on SMEs development such as programs for the start-ups, small scale producers, innovators, women entrepreneurs.

The Agency also promotes new innovative forms of entrepreneurial development such as e-business, green business, social entrepreneurship, innovative collaboration through co-working and clustering and similar actions, both at local and transnational level.

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Gamification Nation

Gamification Nation (GN) specialises in creating gamification design solutions for business processes. GN has worked with organisations of multi-national nature and large in size such as Fleming Europe, Kallidus, Thomson Reuters, Randstad, as well as multi-agency projects across the European region for Climate-KIC.

The projects delivered to date have included the following tailored solutions: gamification design for e-learning purposes to create engaging e-learning and using gamification appropriate to the culture and ability of its users as well as compatible with existing systems; sales and productivity gamification through a focused coaching feedback program; creating leadership learning resources for legal continuous professional development purposes. For Climate-KIC GN designed and manage a gamified learning community and consistently advise on how gamification elements can enhance the programs on offer.

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Città Metropolitana di Milano

The Metropolitan city of Milan (former Province of Milan) exercises its own functions on a wide territory of the 134 Municipalities around and including the City of Milan (Italy). In particular, the “Training for welfare and third sector professions” Unit is committed to promoting the specific training and continuous upgrading of workers in the social welfare and health services, by networking experiences and models of innovative interventions in this context. This unit manages directly the territorial programming and planning of social policies.

More specifically, the “Training for welfare and third sector professions” Unit promotes experimental and pilot projects, oriented to develop and reinforce local and regional welfare system, building up stronger communities with the aim of ensuring an effective integration of all citizens. At the same time, it addresses most of its initiatives towards youth, children, people with socio-economic disadvantages, immigrants, persons with disabilities.

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BICERO Ltd. is a micro consulting and training company, with main focus on information technologies, teaching, coaching, project & quality management and business process management. The vision of the company is to bridge the gap between business, informatics, learning and information/communication technologies and soft skills. BICERO helps companies to focus on their primary business, while it improves their business processes, ICT and learning strategy using coaching methods. BICERO’s clients are mostly other companies (SMEs, Enterprises and public administration).

BICERO has been active in several 2-year EU supported projects, which focus on transfer of innovation (CertiBPM, HEI-UP project), development of innovation (SOCIRES) or preparation of new courses (LeadSUS). All currently performed projects also include quality management activities, ICT support of web collaboration platforms and document management systems, content preparation and training. BICERO was involved in last years in several ICT and Business Process Reengineering projects in private enterprises and public SI companies.

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SPI is a consulting firm, created in 1997, with an excellent understanding of public and private sectors and of how clients can position themselves to foster innovation, be competitive and create prosperity. SPI is well positioned as a facilitator of innovation with an emphasis on Science and Technology and Territorial Development. Its dynamic perspective allows to intervene at a global level and to continually increase the rich network of contacts, creating organizational value for its clients.

With more than 65 full-time consultants representing a wide range of nationalities and backgrounds, the SPI Group maintains an entrepreneurial minded team, which ensures an effective and flexible response to every challenge. The SPI Group has an international presence in diverse locations including SPI Açores, SPI China, SPI España, SPI USA, SPI Ventures, a SPI office in Singapore and a permanent representation in Brussels, through its partnership with the European BIC Network.

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City of Zadar

City of Zadar is a local self-government unit, determined by the Local self-government and Administration Act and Territories of Counties, Cities and Municipalities in the Republic of Croatia Act. With 14 institutional departments, the administrative area of the City of Zadar includes 4 nearby settlements, the town of Zadar, as well as the 7 islands. Fields of competence which are under the jurisdiction of the City of Zadar are, as follows: Arrangement of City districts and housing, Spatial and urban planning, Municipal economy, Child care, Social welfare, Primary health care, Education and primary education, Culture, physical culture and sport, Consumer protection, Protection and improvement of natural environment, Fire and civil protection, Traffic in its area, Maintenance of public roads, Construction, Energy efficiency, Issuance of physical planning and construction documents and other works in accordance with special laws. The City of Zadar is active participant in the field of transnational and cross-border cooperation with a long tradition of cooperation with numerous foreign local governments and international organizations.

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FVB – The Hive

FVB – The Hive is a certified business incubator, with a network of consultants and qualified managers, accompanying new entrepreneurs in the implementation of their business idea, providing their expertise in the field of research, strategy, marketing, finance and management. Business incubators and accelerators represent the most suitable structures to support and boost entrepreneurial ideas to become successful enterprises.

During the event “UBI Awards in Europe” hosted on October 2015 in Turin (Italy) by UBI Global and I3P, The Hive has been awarded the #8 position in the ranking of Top University Associated Business Incubators in Europe 2015 and the #10 position among World Top 10 University Associated Business Incubators (source: ). A Top University Associated Business Incubator is an incubator with no formal affiliation but works closely with a university, that provide better value for the ecosystem and their start-up clients than their regional or global peers. Furthermore, FVB has a sound experience in organization of events and communication activities.

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National Development Agency

National Development Agency (NDA) is a nonprofit organization contributing to sustainable socio-economic development of Bulgaria helping Bulgaria to become a successful example of development and innovation in Europe. NDA is working to keep Bulgaria successful while dealing with the challenges the country faces every day.

NDA is engaged in initiatives that work towards the development of social innovations in Bulgaria and to transfer the best practices developed throughout Europe. On a daily basis, NDA encourages and promote activities that lead to the improvement of the Bulgarian society, including activities aiming to improve the governance in the public sector. NDA experts has extensive experience in securing funding and the management of projects funded by various European and national public and private sources.