Professional training institutions, private companies and other relevant actors in the business sector are facing new challenges and needs to understand how they can organize their joint response to cope with fierce market competition in the entrepreneurial field. Reinforcing public-private cooperation and good practices exchange in a EU context is essential to enhance the quality of responses given by training institutions and companies to a changing society, where creativity and innovation deeply encompasses the work process and intensely influence relevant actors production capacity.

Entrepreneurship training is a highly interdisciplinary field, involving methodologies and approaches from various disciplines: the capacity to predict future skills needed in this sector endowed with extraordinary potentialities and anticipate trends will allow to up-to-date competencies and professional profiles within a public and private context. Considered this, enGAGING will constitute a sound opportunity both to project partners and target groups to exchange practices, methodologies, approaches and tools to identify, define and reinforce the strategic skills required in the public and private training sector to better create synergies with the private sector, to maintain entrepreneurship as a driver for social and economic transformation.


The enGAGING project is structured around a coherent set of dedicated and operational objectives.


Identifying emerging “hard” and “soft” skill set, related to the new challenges addressing the entrepreneurial coaching sector.


Validate a cross-country and cross-sectoral methodology for participatory need analysis in order to better cope the learning outcome and the teaching methods to dynamic re/up-skilling requirements.


Integrate MOOC solutions involving both gamification experts and entrepreneurial coaches in order to generate a permanent open repository for innovative self- training and self-assessment.


Test peer-to-peer training and skills evaluation, by generating software-based tool.


Consolidate a common understanding on how to mix growth hacking strategies and gamification principles in order to upgrade the competencies of business coaching professionals (“game-hackers”).


Create a unique, shared Competence Profile for “game-hackers”.


Create a Virtual Learning Hub in order to establish a network of European qualified game-hackers.